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Sublime Mauritius  

God first made Mauritius and from it, he created paradise! (Mark Twain 1896)
(Mark Twain 1896)
It is undeniably true how Sublime Mauritius is and when you get there, even then it takes you some days to realize how harmonious life can be; sharing some precious moment between the different ethnics and cultures moving together as one, admiring the natural beauty of its flora and fauna…, now you know you are in Mauritius: The one and only Dodo Island!
Buy Mauritian Products @ MauritiuSmart.com and Come to Mauritius.
Mauritius is above all an island full of great talents in several fields: Tourism, Art, Crafts, Agriculture, Technology, Textiles… while Services is the strongest arm of the island.
Thus to expose these talents we built a bridge (Online Shop) called MauritiuSmart.Com
MauritiuSmart.com is an e-commerce platform that enables everyone to discover the savoir faire of Mauritians and offers the possibility to enjoy or enjoy again Mauritius with a unique Client's Reward Program, a world première concept only through empowering Mauritian talents meaning that by being a customer of their mostly made in Mauritius products such as Audio CD’s/DVD’s from local Artists, Handmade Ship models or other Crafts items, Spices, touristic activities, Luxury Fashion articles such as Cashmere Pashmina, Pearl Necklace etc…@ www.mauritiusmart.com you can find yourself with a free Air Ticket to Mauritius.
It is an e-commerce website with mostly made in Mauritius products including the B&C win-win possibilities also called Client's Reward Program or Reward Express.
Our aim is to empower Mauritian products and make more people discover Mauritius. This concept is a Mauritian-Germanic one with a unique client's reward program and we wish to underline that we have a circular concept which has absolutely nothing to do with any pyramidal means or else.
You want to empower Mauritian Artists and be Rewarded? All you have to do is for example:
Go to www.mauritiusmart.com buy a product for you or as a gift, that is: e.g. Artists of Mauritius- 3 CD’s Box with 3 different Artists (album) and Styles.
You pay online with e.g. credit / Debit card or Paypal with all actual procedures.
You will receive a confirmation of your purchase with receipt and your account number with password and with these you can see your account evolution on your personal Virtual Office.
If you happen to collect a total of 100 points in your personal Virtual Office provided by mauritiusmart.com, this will mean that you will be rewarded with a gift / an Air Ticket worth up to € 1,000/-
There is no guaranty that you will receive an Air Ticket but you can be rewarded if the calculation happens as it depends on the amount of buyers.
You also receive during your purchase procedures a table to fill with maximum 10 emails to inform some friends if you wish to.
The 100 points that you can happen to collect in your personal virtual office are from new clients purchasing as you a Reward Express classified product / s on the e-commerce website www.mauritiusmart.com. It also means that you can be rewarded even if you make only once a purchase.
To end with, If you happen to collect a total of 100 points in your personal Virtual Office = (€ 1,000 minus bank or other charges) you will be then ejected from your Reward position as only another purchase will enable you to begin again @ www.mauritiusmart.com as it is a circular procedure. As simple as it gets, no need to be an expert in any fields to understand that this concept is a real true customer and producer friendly one and will bring more movement in the economy through your empowerment of acquiring our mostly Mauritian products @ mauritiusmart.com Now it’s your turn cause as from your purchase, it will be just a matter of time. Well, Buy Mauritian Products @ MauritiuSmart.com and let us welcome you in Mauritius.